Freestyle Family

It’s the only professional freestyle motocross team in Poland. It brings together the best Polish competitors of this discipline, who are the only ones in the country to perform somersaults on a motorcycle. The team has been promoting this discipline for many years and organizing events based on freestyle motocross. FF players took part in dozens of events both in Poland and abroad. They have also participated in the World Championships.
Current team members:
Peformers: Marcin Łukaszczyk, Rafał Biały, Mikołaj Tempka
Promoter: Grzegorz Czerwiec


Marcin Łukaszczyk – currently the best Polish player. Participant of the Freestyle Motocross World Championship in Krakow, 3rd place in the Czech Championship. He takes part in many shows in Poland and abroad. He performed at shows, among others, in Hong Kong during Red Bull X-fighters Jam or during the Women’s World Ski Championships in Austrian Flachau and in Iraqi Baghdad. He is currently working on an extremely difficult double somersault trick. He has 10 years of experience in FMX.

Mikołaj Tempka – the youngest member of the Freestyle Family team. He’s developing under the watchful eye of older colleagues. Currently, the best player of the young generation. In 2019, he took part in many team shows. He shows a very large and well-prepared arsenal of tricks.

FMX (because that’s how this discipline is called in short) is about jumping on a motorcycle and performing tricks at the same time. Freestyle Family competitors “fly” at a height of 8 meters over a distance of 22 meters, on specially prepared ramps and landings. Each player presents an individual arsenal of classic tricks as well as somersaults with combinations. The whole performance is dressed in a dynamic show that will surely provide the audience with unforgettable emotions.

Rafał Biały – Vice-champion of Poland in FMX. Rafał started his career as an MTB rider, where he was quite successful. After moving to FMX he is still developing very fast. He also created a wild card for the Polish round of the FMX World Championship in Tauron Arena in Krakow. He was the first Pole to perform a forward somersault on a motorcycle. He took part in dozens of shows in Poland and abroad. He has 7 years of experience in FMX.