Ninja ZX-4RR

In the Super Sport category with a displacement of 400 cm3, Kawasaki introduces the revolutionary Supersport model. The Ninja ZX-4RR is equipped with a 4-cylinder, inline engine with a displacement of 400 cm3, leading in its class in a compact chassis. Whether on the track or on the street, experiencing the joy of the unprecedented power of the Ninja ZX-4RR, exciting sound at 15,000 rpm, and agile handling will surely awaken your racing spirit.

399 cm³

57 kW {77 HP} / 14,500 rpm

636 cm³

91 kW {124 HP} / 13,000 rpm

Ninja ZX-6R 40th Anniversary

Supersport Ninja ZX-6R has returned – and for the 40th anniversary of the Ninja model in spectacular paintwork. Push the limits with stunning performance and low weight during sport riding. For us, capability is maximum satisfaction, when you can utilize the capabilities of the beloved ZX-6R in a confidence-inspiring manner, both on the racetrack and on the street.

Ninja 7 Hybrid

Kawasaki introduces the world’s first mass-produced hybrid motorcycle. Meet the Ninja7 Hybrid. In terms of dimensions, the Ninja 7 Hybrid is a mid-sized motorcycle offering performance in the class from 650 cm3 to 700 cm3 with instant acceleration that can compete even with 1000 cm3 supersport bikes from a standstill (with e-boost function, which is also available in Kawasaki electric motorcycles), while offering fuel efficiency on par with the 250 cm3 class and sporty riding with gear shifting via dedicated buttons on the handlebar.

451 cm³

51.1 kW (69 HP) / 10,500 rpm

451 cm³

33.4 kW (69 HP) / 9,000 rpm

Eliminator 500

When the street calls, hit the road with the all-new Eliminator 500. This motorcycle shakes conventions with its sleek and low construction, low and comfortable seat, and lightweight and easy handling, making it the most accessible Kawasaki cruiser. In the new Eliminator, timeless design is combined with modern technology, allowing you to simply enjoy a joyful, stress-free ride.

Ninja 500

Express your opinion with the new sport motorcycle Ninja 500. Get noticed with aggressive styling, known from Ninja sport motorcycles, and set the tone with the 451 cm3 twin-cylinder engine. Experience the legendary performance of Ninja on a sport motorcycle designed to lead the crowds.

451 cm³

33.4 kW (69 HP) / 9,000 rpm


9.0 kW {12 PS} / 2,600-4,000 rpm

Ninja Z e-1

Enjoyment of everyday urban rides – Kawasaki offers electrifying emotions with new electric motorcycles. Charge up your day with Z e-1 / Ninja e-1.

Ninja Z500

“All eyes on you” – which means all eyes are turned on you when you conquer kilometers with the completely new supernaked Z500. Thanks to its distinctive bodywork and powerful 451 cm3 engine, this aggressively styled mid-capacity streetfighter is for those who aren’t afraid to be seen always and everywhere.

451 cm³

33.4 kW (69 HP) / 9,000 rpm

Harley-Davidson at Warsaw Motorcycle Show 2024

Harley-Davidson kicks off another year in its over 120-year history with a bang, transforming two of the most iconic motorcycles in history and setting a new standard for the future of two-wheel adventure. The four latest motorcycle models for the year 2024 offer a new era of performance, technology, and design in motorcycle touring. All these machines – the completely new Street Glide™ and Road Glide™, the first Adventure motorcycle built by Custom Vehicle Operations: CVO™ Pan America™, and the radical bagger CVO™ Road Glide™ ST straight from the racetrack – will be available to see at booth D2.24.

At the H-D booth, in addition to purebred Harley motorcycles from the Cruiser and Touring families, you can also see motorcycles with the new Revolution Max engines – Pan America Adventure Touring models and urban machines from the new Sport family.

There you will also have the opportunity to purchase original Harley-Davidson clothing, talk to the team about available motorcycle purchase financing options, and check out which models and at what price Harley-Davidson dealers offer for rent (promotional offers will be available only at the fair for clothing purchases and motorcycle rentals).

An additional attraction at the H-D booth will be the presence of Screw It. Let’s Ride – a Polish moto-traveler couple who, on an H-D Pan America Special motorcycle, traveled both Americas in an uninterrupted journey (including Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego and Deadhorse in Alaska), spending over 18 months on the road and covering 99,000 km.

COMPLETELY NEW models Street Glide i Road Glide

The 2024 Street Glide and Road Glide motorcycles are more powerful, lighter, and even more dynamic, characterized by a completely new design. Both models feature an enhanced fairing profile that gives a refreshingly modern impression while still retaining the DNA of the original Harley-Davidson design, making them instantly familiar.

Key features and equipment:

  • Upgraded Milwaukee-Eight™ 117 V-Twin engine
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Selectable riding modes
  • Colorful TFT touchscreen multimedia display measuring 312 mm diagonally, replacing all analog gauges and most switches.


CVO Road Glide ST is the most powerful, fastest, and most refined bagger ever produced by Harley-Davidson, equipped with a unique collection of components that performance-oriented riders will appreciate. Deep, solo saddle and moto-style handlebars on six-inch risers put the rider in an aggressive position for riding this incredible West Coast-style custom machine.

Key Features and Equipment:

  • Milwaukee-Eight™ 121 V-Twin High Output engine available exclusively in this model. This enhanced powertrain delivers 127 HP and a maximum torque of 193 Nm, making it the most powerful engine installed in a factory-produced Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.
  • Reduced mass through the use of alternative materials
  • Fully adjustable front and rear SHOWA® suspension
  • High-quality Brembo® brakes
  • Selectable riding modes – Road, Sport, Track, Track Plus, Rain, and several Custom modes
  • Color touchscreen display measuring 312 mm diagonally replacing all analog gauges and most switches
  • Top-of-the-line Rockford Fosgate™ Stage II audio system with a 4-channel amplifier delivering 500 W RMS

CVO™ Pan America™

The latest edition of this ubiquitous machine and the first Adventure Touring (ADV) motorcycle in the CVO™ lineup. All the features and functions that have made the Pan America™ 1250 Special model the leading choice among demanding Adventure Touring riders worldwide have been retained, including the smoothly operating and powerful Revolution™ Max 1250 engine, semi-active front and rear suspension, touchscreen, selectable riding modes, and Daymaker® adaptive headlamp. The CVO™ Pan America™ is equipped with a range of additional, functional, and durable accessories selected to further enhance the journey, including adaptive ride height suspension system, durable aluminum side and central cases, Screamin’ Eagle™ quickshifter, tubeless spoked wheels, additional LED front headlights, and a sturdy Skid Plate. For those who want everything and more.


The Silence brand is the leader in performance and quality rankings in the European market for electric scooters. The state-of-the-art technology and design have permanently dominated this segment of zero-emission vehicles. Thanks to its low center of gravity and exceptional performance, riding the S01 scooter provides a lot of satisfaction. It is also practical with its cleverly removable battery and large storage space, perfect for two helmets or a small bag.

The P2P (push-to-pass) mode is designed to facilitate overtaking, allowing speeds of up to 95 km/h. There is the possibility of adjusting the pre-load voltage of the front fork and rear shock absorber in a wide range of positions. Additionally, compression can be modified to stiffen or soften the rear suspension.

Fast & Easy

Removable battery type trolley


Autonomy WMTC

95 km/h

Top speed

3,6 s

Acceleration 0-50 km/h

There are four output power options available. ECO Mode has a speed limit of 70 km/h. It allows for significantly reducing battery consumption and moving in a more relaxed manner. CITY Mode is designed for city driving with a speed limit of 90 km/h, providing good performance and balanced fuel consumption for the vehicle. SPORT Mode unlocks the full potential of peak power, translating to a top speed of 95 km/h, aggressive acceleration (especially from 0 km/h to 50 km/h, which takes 3.0 seconds), and more effective regenerative braking. Once you experience this potential, it will become your preferred driving mode. The equipment also includes a reverse gear, for convenient parking and maneuvering in narrow streets.

The central transparent LCD display keeps you informed in real time about the temperature of the most important components, speed, battery status, remaining possible distance to travel, and a host of other important information for the user.

This future-oriented electric scooter features a user-friendly battery transport system on built-in wheels like a suitcase. With just one click, you can easily remove the discharged battery from the vehicle and transport it effortlessly to the charging station.

SILENCE besides the flagship version of the S01 scooter also offers:

  • Model S01+ – pro version with stronger parameters
  • Model S02 – version adapted for couriers and urban delivery

The F80 series from Caofen can confidently be placed at the top of the list for dirt e-bikes and electric-powered enduro vehicles. Caofen is a revolutionary provider of electric mopeds that combine original design with impressive performance.

It’s the perfect machine for motorsport enthusiasts and those seeking an ecological and efficient alternative to traditional means of transportation.

Ride longer with the most advanced battery technology available today! A full charge takes up to 3 hours. Patented technology extends the lifespan (maintaining its parameters and properties) of the battery by 150%.

The single-piece magnesium alloy frame is a solution that may go down in history as a new structural technology for high-performance vehicles of this type. The frame’s durability, due to the absence of welded joints, automatically increases by 30% compared to conventional solutions and perfectly distributes the machine’s center of gravity for even better control and sensations during fast rides.

PREMIER 2024 in Poland - CAOFEN F80

The main features of this vehicle are the powerful 72V battery with innovative NMC cells 21700 (nickel-manganese-cadmium), which provides up to even 2000 charging cycles and maintains its properties in extreme weather conditions. This is a lifespan three times longer compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.

In terms of voltage delivered, NMC surpasses typical lithium-ion batteries. The average output voltage of NMC cell batteries is around 3.7V. The higher voltage makes NMC batteries better suited for applications requiring high output power.

2.35 seconds is the time needed for F80 to reach a speed of 50 km/h. A powerful electric motor with a peak power of 8000W guarantees impressive torque, pleasant drive sound, smooth acceleration, and maximum speed up to 90 km/h. The machine’s appearance is modern, massive, and earns respect from motorcyclists accustomed to traditional combustion engine designs.

High-powered 8000W Motor


Peak power

Solid and proven air and spring suspension system is adjustable in three places for compression and rebound, as well as tension of the rear spring. If you plan to travel a longer distance, adjusting the suspension will take you 20 seconds. If, however, you want to enjoy the charms of off-road driving, you can also sensitize the suspension in the same way without any additional tools.

Driver comfort is a priority – the streamlined seat, frame shape, stem height, and wide handlebars provide a comfortable riding position. The Caofen F80 in the factory version is dedicated to people from 150 cm to 190 cm tall. The intelligent LCD display facilitates operation, allowing access to data about battery status, driving mode, distance traveled, and current speed.

Safety is ensured thanks to the advanced hydraulic braking system with DOT4 fluid, front lights, indicators, rear position lights, and STOP light. Caofen F80 is a versatile machine for extreme (yet quiet) driving and intelligent movement on public roads, thanks to homologation capability. Moreover, F80 is an environmentally friendly means of transport that does not emit exhaust fumes, contributing to environmental protection.

The motorcycle is available in 3 variants:

  • On-Road – version with L3e homologation mainly for city use
  • Dual-sport – version with L3e homologation combining features of off-road and road motorcycles
  • Off-road – version without homologation for off-road riding

Additional features:

  • electronic ignition pilot
  • possibility of homologation (category B1 and A1)
  • horn, turn signals, reflectors
  • electronic steering lock
  • three riding modes + entertainment mode
  • energy recovery mode (EBS)
  • professional tools, mirrors, and certificate included
  • ventilated 18A charger
  • manually adjustable front/rear suspension
  • full user manual in Polish
  • detailed vehicle registration instructions

Available frame colors: black / graphite